Elecom Wet Cleaning Tissues for TV

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    •          This is a wet cleaning tissue that is ideal for cleaning LCD TV screens.
    •          The non-alcohol type is less irritating to the screen and can be used with confidence even on delicate TV screens with a coating on the surface.
    •          It is hard to leave traces of wiping caused by water droplets, and the screen can be made clear.
    •          Reduces redeposition of dust due to antistatic effect. In addition, the sterilization effect keeps your TV clean.

                *Not suitable for plasma TVs, projection TVs, and CRT TVs (the surface coating may peel off).            


Primary component:

Purified water, surfactant, Antiseptic


Rayon system span race nonwoven fabric


Width 200 X 300mm in height Around one piece of basis cloth

Sheet count:

20 pieces

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