Elecom General Purpose Leather Case

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  • We use high-quality material "split leather" which specially processed natural leather, and are finished in strong texture yet smooth texture. "Split leather" is a genuine leather material used in high-end bag manufacturers, etc., which is made of two pieces of natural leather and specially processed on the inner leather part where the skin is not attached. By pasting polyurethane fabric on "Split leather", it is finished in a case that combines the advantages of hard-wearing polyurethane and durable genuine leather.
  • Organize and store gadgets and documents: The sleek, simple form uses a design that allows the tablet PC to move in and out smoothly, so you can quickly remove the tablet when you need it. A rubber strap is attached so that the lid of the case does not open unexpectedly when stored, it can be closed firmly. Careful consideration is also taken such as using a velvet-like material that is hard to damage the tablet body inside the case.



    Main material type

    Fabric (polyurethane, leather, polyester)

    Number of air chambers

    1 air chamber

    External dimensions

    Minimum: Width 286 mm × thickness 27 mm × height 180 mm, maximum: Width 286 mm × thickness 31 mm × height 210 mm The external size changes depending on the dimensions of the stored items.

    Inside dimension

    ~ Width 275mm × thickness 20mm × height 195mm

    Inside size of PC storage unit

    ~ Width 275mm × thickness 20mm × height 195mm Reference support model: 10.1 inch LCD tablet Reference support model is for reference only. It may not be able to be stored with the special equipment or storage case attached.


    Surface: polyurethane, core material: split leather (cow genuine leather), lining: polyester


    About 200 g

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