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 Address, display label using special pressure sensitive adhesive which adhesive strength becomes strong with progress of time

In addition to using a "special adhesive" that becomes more adhesive with the passage of time, it is a <clean label address / display label> with a quick-paste function that can be peeled off smoothly from the backing sheet. 

It is a convenient "address, display label" that can be pasted on envelopes, postcards, CD cases, etc. as it is simply by printing and peeling, but pasting on a straight clean is surprisingly difficult. The conventional “address / display label” has strong adhesive force, so once attached it can not be attached again, and it can only be sent as it is bent or discarded. 

Adhesive force ratioBecause the adhesive power is weak immediately after being peeled off from the backing sheet with a special adhesive, “Cleanly attached Address / Display Label” can be peeled off and attached even if the label is distorted or bent.Once pasting is complete, the adhesive strength will increase with the passage of time, so you won't have to worry about falling off when mailing. Even if you can not paste well at one time, you can re-paste, so even people who are not good at detailed work are products that can be stuck beautifully.
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A4 size
How to use "clean paste" address and label

● Work efficiency is speeded up with a slit mechanism that can be easily removed!

The back side of the backing sheet has a slit mechanism that can be used to easily remove the label, allowing efficient paste operations. This is useful when sending a large amount of mail such as direct mail in a batch.
Slit mechanism for easy removal and efficient attachment

● We cope with various printers

Inkjet printers, as well as laser printers and copiers, can be used for handwriting.

It is usable free!  You can easily make it beautiful by using the label creation software "easy print"!

"ELECOM easy print" is label making software for exclusive use of ELECOM paper product which you can enjoy original label, card making by easy operation. If you answer the questionnaire, you can download it for free, and even if you do not have label creation software, you can immediately enjoy label and card creation.

ダ ウ ン ロ ー ド Downloading of label making software "ELECOM easy print"


size of paperWidth 210mm × height 297mm ※ A4 size
One side sizeWidth 86.4 mm × height 50.8 mm
Number of labels200 sheets ※ 20 sheets × 10
Paper typeMulti-printed paper
Paper thickness0.19 mm
Basis weight161g / m2
Test print paperOne sheet of test print paper
Search No.T55
set contentLabel x 20, test print paper x 1

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