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Product features

      ● Calendar kit of super fine paper specifications (A4 length, wall hanging type)

      A4 Vertical wall-mounted handmade calendar kit. You can easily create an original calendar using your favorite illustrations.You can also create a spread calendar by duplex printing. We adopt one-touch ring which is easy to bind.

      It is super fine paper specification of calm finish with reduced gloss (for inkjet printer). 

      ※ We do not prepare print material to make calendar of the same design as photograph and product package photograph in the upper. Please note.

      ● With test print paper

      There is one sheet of test print paper that can be checked in advance for the presence or absence of print misalignment and the finish.

      [Label making software "ELECOM easy print" being released]

      Label making software "ELECOM easy print" corresponding to our paper products is being released on our website. 
      Even if you do not have label making software, you can enjoy label and card making right away. In addition, print material convenient for label card making is released. Please use all means.

      ダ ウ ン ロ ー ド Download of label creation software "ELECOM easy print" ダ ウ ン ロ ー ド Download of 
      print material


      sizeA4 version / width 210 × depth 297
      Type (paper)Super fine paper
      accessoriesPaper 13 sheets Binding ring 2 pieces Mount for reinforcement 1 sheet Instructions for use Test print paper

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