Elecom iPhone X Leather (Carbon Tone)

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      Ultra slim model cover

      It is an amazingly thin and light, ultra-slim model soft leather cover (notebook type) for the iPhone X.

      Commitment to protection and thinness to the limit

      Sticking to the thinness to the limit while maintaining protection, does not damage the slim form of the terminal.

      Side-opening type flap

      There is a side-opening type flap that covers the LCD screen when not in use.

      Smooth opening and closing, magnet snap

      The flaps have magnet snaps that can be opened and closed smoothly.

      You can talk with the flap closed

      As it is a flap with an earpiece, you can talk while the flap is closed.

      With card pocket

      There is one card pocket inside the cover.

      Stand ready to use

      It can be used as a stand by bending the back, and you can enjoy watching movies etc comfortably.

      Connection and operation are possible with putting on

      With the cover attached, you can connect a variety of genuine cables, take pictures, and operate the buttons.

      ※ Product of image is PM-A17XPLFUSNV (Navy) .


      Compatible modelsiPhone X
      set contentCase body × 1
      MaterialBody: Synthetic leather, polycarbonate
      ColorCarbon tone (black)

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