Elecom LCD Protective Glass of Microsoft (R) Surface (TM) Pro

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  • Blue light cut
    Cut blue light, which is said to cause retinal dysfunction

    Blue light is blue light with strong energy in visible light. It is said that blue light reaches the back of the eye and may cause retinal dysfunction. Blue light cut film cuts blue light emitted from displays such as smartphones and reduces eyestrain of modern people who often have a chance to keep looking at the display.

    No blue light cut film
    With blue light cut film
  • Fingerprint prevention
    Easy to wipe off with no fingerprints

    The anti-fingerprint processing on the film surface makes it easy to wipe off even if fingerprints are difficult to attach. Even with touch operation, fingerprints are less noticeable.

    Fingerprints are less noticeable
  • High gloss
    Photos and videos look beautiful

    Because of the high light transmittance, it is a sense of transparency that does not impair the image quality. You can see the color of photos and videos beautiful.

    A sense of transparency that does not impair the image quality
  • LCD protective glass
    Glass-specific, beautiful transparency, smooth finger slip

    It is "LCD protective glass" which adopted "real glass". We achieved beautiful transparency and smooth finger slip unique to glass.

  • Round edge
    Less finger catch

    Rounding is applied to the edges, making it difficult to catch when holding or removing from a bag.

  • Scattering design

    High safety thanks to special scattering prevention design.

    The special anti-scattering design achieves high safety without scattering even in the event of a break.

  • High hardness
    Resistant to scratches by high hardness processing

    We adopt tempered glass of surface hardness 9H (actual value), and it is hard to be broken, and is relieved.

  • High durability

    Long-lasting finger sliding thanks to high durability special coating.

    It has a highly durable special coating that keeps smooth finger sliding for a long time.

  • It is LCD protective glass for Microsoft (R) Surface (TM) Pro 4 which realizes smooth finger sliding peculiar to glass.
  • The use of tempered glass with a surface hardness of 9H prevents scratches on the surface of the protective glass. ※ The surface hardness is the ability value
  • It has a round edge process that does not get stuck even when held or removed from the bag.
  • We cut blue part "blue light" in light which LED liquid crystal display emits about 41%.
  • ※ Blue light is said to reach the retina without being absorbed by the cornea and lens of the eye, and may cause functional decline of the retina.
  • We not only cut blue light efficiently, but also design the film to look natural without changing the color tone as much as possible.
  • We apply anti-fingerprint coating which makes it hard to get fingerprint dirt.
  • It is a self-adhesion type that can be applied without using adhesive or double-sided tape by coating a silicone coating on the application surface. Easy to paste, it is also possible to paste again. The adsorptive power recovers in the water.
  • It has been cut to a size that matches the shape of Microsoft (R) Surface (TM) Pro 4, so it can be taken out of the package and ready to use.
  • It corresponds to the touch screen input which can operate the main body even with the film stuck.
  • It is a safety design that is unlikely to scatter even if it breaks.


Compatible modelsMicrosoft (R) Surface (TM) Pro 4
set contentLCD protective film (blue light cut glass specifications) x 1, dust removal sticker x 1, cleaning cloth x 1
MaterialBonding surface: silicon, outside: glass, PET

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