Elecom Label Paper 10/200 features

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Address, display label that can paste work efficiently

It is a "address, display label" with a slit mechanism that can easily remove the label on the back of the backing sheet. 
As it can be pasted efficiently, it is convenient when sending out a large number of mails such as direct mail. 
By "rounding", after pasting, it is difficult to come off and it is difficult to notice any deviation.
★ For customers using 
EDT-TM10 The same data as the EDT-TM10 can be used. However, the widthof the label of this product is 3 mm shorter, so center the layout when printing.

● We cope with various printers

Inkjet printers, as well as laser printers, copiers, thermal transfer, word processors, dot impact printers, can also be used for handwriting.


size of paperWidth 210 × height 297 mm (A4 size)
Paper typeMulti-printed paper
One side size83.4 x 50.8 mm
Number of labels200 sheets (10 sheets x 20 sheets)
Basis weight135 g / m 2
Paper thickness0.18 mm
accessoriesTest print paper x 1

Recommended mode setting

ManufacturerPaper settingPrint quality
EPSONPlain paperbeautiful
CANONPlain paperbeautiful
HPPlain paperBest

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