Elecom Flat HDMI Cable (Black) 1.0m

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Flat type HDMI cable which is easy to put under the carpet and manage

This is a new series of HIGH SPEED with Ethernet certified HIGH SPEED HDMI cables that are compatible with the next generation of the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) standard, which allows high-definition video to be transmitted directly with a single cable. Flat type, wiring is possible under the carpet. Moreover, a shield is given to each pair core wire, and the intrusion of external noise and mutual interference are prevented by arranging flatly.
Flat type HDMI cable which is easy to manage in a narrow place

● We cope with HEC (HDMI Ethernet channel)

In addition to high-speed digital transmission of video and audio using HDMI, it supports HEC (HDMI Ethernet channel), which realizes 100 Mbps Ethernet communication with a single HDMI cable.

● Compatible with ARC! The wiring around the TV is also refreshing!

It supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) which can transmit digital audio from HDMI receiving side such as high definition TV to transmitting side such as AV amplifier. Conventionally, when outputting audio from a TV tuner to an AV amplifier, it was necessary to connect a separate cable from the TV's optical digital audio output to the AV amplifier. It became possible to transmit in the book. These functions can reduce the number of cables, which makes the wiring around the TV clearer.

● We realize beautiful video picture

In addition to supporting high resolution of 4K2K (4,096 x 2,160 dots), it can also transmit 3D full HD (1080p x 2 screens) images. The color depth is compatible with 24-bit (Full Color) to 30/36 / 48-bit (Deep Color), and the number of colors that can be displayed is rich, and the gradation of colors including monochrome becomes rich, and a beautiful video image Can be expressed.

● Triple shield


● Gold plated plug adoption

A triple-shielded structure protects the signal from external noise interference.
We adopt gold-plated plug which strongly suppresses signal deterioration in rust etc.


Compatible modelsAV devices, game consoles, PCs and PC peripherals with HDMI input / output terminals
HDMI standardHIGH SPEED HDMI Cable with Ethernet
Connector shapeHDMI plug (type A-19 pin)-HDMI plug (type A-19 pin)
Cable typeFlat type
Shield methodSeparate triple shield
Cable thicknessWidth / about 14.5mm, thickness / about 4mm

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